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The Incredible Bulk

I wonder... If you started out with Radiohead, if that would have sufficed for the 8 second attention span you received from your cat - which is really rare in cats? ^_^

Music is also rare in that it is one of the only forms of communication that transcends most all barriers - most notably, vocal barriers. And if one is cunning and passionate enough, you can emote and relate senses using music where the written word may be lost in translation.

I study animation, and that key word, 'Emote' - is the crux by which an animated object transforms from being a puppet on a string to an actual 'Character' that an audience signifies with and cares about. As far as I have come to think and understand, animation (properly applied) is the visual equivalent of music and has the ability to relate feeling and emotion without barriers. The Old Masters of the Renaissance (label), knew this all too well and practiced it relentlessly.

But all this can only be acheived by one of the emotions that many do not have or thier situation(s) in life keep from thier view - Passion. Passion drives us to create, destroy, love and relate. It is the spark of many things, good and bad. It is up to us when we realize it is present, what to do with it. And for the old masters of the musical sort (label again), they were able to realize the emotion and forge it into a form that emotes and relates to us today, just as it had to our ancestors. And they capitalized also by working in more than just a singular emotion in to their works that reflected the current society at that time.

That is also why I believe that much music today is 'labeled' to a 'sub-labeled' sect of people (this is primarily due to the 'do what makes money', 'short-sighted', 'got a piece of paper (degree) so I know what I am talking about' Ivy-Suits in power positions in record companies) and relates to only a small portion of people today and will most probably be lost to most of our future generations, where the Old Masters will still be just as fresh as they are today - 100 years later.

thanks for listening...

Fighting Windmills

That's a great explanation, Rick. I'm so happy for you that you are able to live what you believe.



I thought you were building guitars in response to my near-constant nagging? Your answer was much more eloquent, however.

Rob Hughes

Your cat wanted nothing to do with Radiohead??? Thom Yorke is weeping as I write...


Very well said, your depth and insight never ceases to amaze and inspire.

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