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Casuale lettore italiano

I think you have censorship when an authorithy limits information spreading - also, when a communication channel is under total control of someone else.

I don't call moderating comments "censorship"; also, I think that when words are misused or abused they lose a bit of their meaning, so we should try to avoid it.

You manage this blog and let your readers comment here. You're going to hide/delete the comments you don't like. But your readers can also open a blog where they can express themselves as they prefer. I don't see any censorship in this.

By the way, I never read before this blog and I landed here by chance. Hey, please keep on building musical instruments. We need them, playing music is cool.

Aaron Dahl

I know exactly how you feel. In the web design business, people get angry at me for charging more than a couple hundred dollars. Like you, I do custom jobs as well. I hand-code everything from scratch. So, if someone wants a website done right, then you will have to pay more for it. You are paying for quality. You can't have both quality and price.

So, I feel you.

Rick Toone

Two thoughtful comments.

Perhaps "edit" or "moderate" would be a better word than "censor." It was a new experience for me to want to control the flow of information.

Thanks (non-musicians) for dropping by.

Robert Irizarry

I think you did exactly the right thing, Rick. You have every right to set the expectations and ground rules for discussion on your site. Moderating is necessary to keep things on topic and productive.

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